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Enhanceviews Autowatcher: How get free views, likes, subscribers

Enhance views : Your portal for free Youtube views, subscribers

likes , favorites, Twitter followers, Reddit upvotes,

facebook likes, and social media promotion.

Enhanceviews Autowatcher Official Site:

link download:

1st/ Go to :
2nd/ If you haven't account in EnhanceViews, create one
3rd/ Follow my tuto video for more details
4th/ Start earning credits and sub credits
5th/ Redeem credits into youtube video views, likes, comments, favs, subs!

Here are the "Free Offers" in detail (How You Get Credits):

#1 -- Auto-watch videos:
Use EnhanceView's server to watch YouTube videos, and get 36 credits for every minute of video watched. You can download by the website an extension in Google Chrome or Firefox and then it earn credits without you do nothing! I really recommend this method!

#2 -- Auto-comment and like:
Use your YouTube account to comment and "like" specific videos that EnhanceView tells you to comment/like, and get 100 credits for every comment (limited to 1 comment per 5 minutes).

#3 -- Sub, Comment, Like and Fav:
EnhanceViews gives you links to a handful of YouTube videos, and you watch the complete video, comment on it, like it, subscribe to their channel, and favorite their video. Once EnhanceViews confirms you completed the task, you get 350 credits for each video link (you can also complete each video task multiple times on different accounts, and get the same amount of credits. So if you have 5 YouTube accounts, you can get 1,750 credits for each link instead of 350 (5×350=1,750).
#4 -- Watch and Comment:

Same as #3, but all you have to do is watch the full video and comment once. When EnhanceViews confirms you commented, you will be rewarded 400 credits for each video link (you can use multiple accounts for completing requests here as well).

#5 -- "Advertise Us":
This part is a little vague, but if you make a video or advertisement about EnhanceViews, they payout anywhere between 50 -- 5,000 credits (depending on how thorough the video or advertisement is).

#6 -- Referrals:

If you tell your friends about EnhanceViews, and they sign up with YOUR specific referral link, you will be rewarded 10% of the amount of credits they earn FOR LIFE! This is key guys -- If you refer a few dozen of your friends, and they all use the system, they could be earning you more credits than you earn yourself!

Redeeming Your Credits (How You Get Your Subscribers, Views, etc.):

This is always subject to change, but here's what the site lists right now:

- 38 credits = 1 channel view OR 1 video view
- 60 credits = 1 subscriber
- 75 credits = 1 comment AND 1 thumbs up / "like"
- 125,000 credits = 1 day of link featuring (features your link where people must subscribe, comment, like, and favorite your video) -- you can always pay for this feature for anywhere between $4.00 -- $7.50 per day I believe.

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